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Punjab to shutdown old designed brick kilns from 27th



Punjab Government has decided to shut down those brick kilns from October 27 which have failed to convert their designs to new prescribed technology and causing intensive air pollution due to their intensive emission design. The decision has been taken in a meeting presided by Smog Commission Chairman Dr Pervaiz Hasan. The meeting is attended by representatives of Brick Kiln Association and Environment Protection Department (EPD).

Previously, it was decided to shutdown the brick kilns from October 20 but the date has been postponed to October 27 after the request of brick kiln association and consultations with advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change Amin Akram Khan. The brick kilns owners have been requested to convert their brick kilns to new Zig Zag technology during this period.

The decision is made in light of weather information and data provided by MET office and SUPARCO. However, brick kiln owners has to shut down their brick kilns in case of any abrupt weather change which can cause Smog in air. It is also decided in the meeting that substandard fuel use in brick kilns will not be tolerated during this period.

The brick kilns are advised to take every step to convert their brick kilns to new Zig Zag technology during closure period to avoid any such circumstances in the future.

The ban on brick kilns will only be imposed on old technology brick kilns and those brick kilns who are already converted to new Zig Zag technology will be exempt from this ban. Government has also imposed section 144 from October 1 on burning of substandard fuel including plastic, garbage, polythene bags and tyres as action will be taken immediately against violators. The factory owners have also been warned that action under section 144 will be taken if they have not installed smoke controlling equipment in their factories.

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