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PTI in a communication crisis



Of all the mistakes one commits is committing one and defending it with all the stubbornness one could gather to impact the people around. Recent example was removing Inspector General of Islamabad. Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has setup examples too high to handle itself. Our Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to create a state where police is free of political pressure, this was our Prime Minister’s dream which we as a citizen have followed and were hopeful that we are inching towards it. But the said dream was shattered and bubble of the common citizens was burst when Supreme Court was told about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s verbal orders of IG Islamabad’s transfer. And Federal Information Minister’s take on the current matter was, “what’s the use of winning an election if the Chief Executive of a country can’t remove Inspector General?” These comments have adversely affected the sentiments of a common man and that of an ideological voter of PTI.

Earlier to that another controversy had caused a storm in a teacup – this was about Israeli jet’s landing at Islamabad airport, which turned out to be false later on. In both scenarios, government was unable to handle the allegations or the controversies which could be termed incompetence of the most favourite party of the country. In this regard, there are two things to handle carefully on the part of government. First, never let your political pressure convert into an administrative action and if you still want to take the decision anyway, don’t dare defending it with illogical answers that could hurt public sentiment. And before resorting to transfer or suspension, the Chief Executive must initiate an inquiry. On the other hand, Israel’s plane landing was such a serious issue that apart from the opposition, even common man needed to know what exactly happened. Before SMQ’s response to which Opposition Leader SS responded positively, the official spokesperson of the government was bashing back the PML-N leaders despite of the fact that the issue was related to common man’s sentiments. Government needs to act mature or it will hurt the prestige that Khan took twenty two years to gain.

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