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Guidance for students



Nowadays we are watching students coming to universities or colleges for the sake of admission, but they are not clear at all about what they really want to do.

It is almost like a compulsion, lacking desire and passion.

Every day we hear of instances where parents force their children to study sciences so that they become doctors and engineers but what they don’t understand is that every field requires a certain passion and demand and that it cannot be forced otherwise you are disturbing your child and making him or her unhappy.

When they fail to produce good result from lack of interest then again they enter a phase of disappointment and depression.

There is no proper counselling of even parents, who fail to understand the basics of dealing with children.

What a bad situation it this! For our country, which is already in crisis, this situation is just because our students do not have confidence.

How will any confidence develop when there is nobody to guide them? The need of hour is for the government to develop proper counselling centres for students as well as parents so that they can have the best understanding about different fields, courses and their interests and passions.


I will be very grateful to you if you raise this issue in your paper because this is not about one person’s future, rather about our country’s future, our mother land’s prosperity.



Rafia Amjad

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