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“Life is Remaining Although” Novel by Changiz Raja Translator Waqar Aslam



The successful novel came in to market previous month that got much popularity, It is a novel aptly studded with current advancements, reader does not gets bore, This Novel updates you with researches, facts and figures without letting you get boredom it is adornment of many aspects in which the reader gets dig of mix flavors. It also oversights the current scenario and social issues that are faced by women in our society.The author has resplendently tried to address every spectrum of life.

This Urdu written Novel “Jaan Abhi Baqi hai” is soon to be launched in English with the already present exquisite transformation full of suspense translated by Muhammad Waqar Aslam a young enthusiastic writer based in lahore who writes for Daily Times,Daily Din and Business News He has been writing from 2012.


Fasten yourself to go on the heart-throb  journey to which this novel takes you that makes  you feel realistic because the enigmatic incidents that happened in Pakistan are also quoted in this it comprehensively talked about mental behaviors and how they can create calamity.

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