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Imperative to change our mind set : Salman Mubarak



Multan : It is so important that we inculcate the values of sharing, synergy, compassion and build a society where people are naturally willing to think positively towards solutions which are win-win. The earlier it begins with our youth the better for the world.
Salman Mubarak, a social and health activist was invited to be the guest speaker yesterday to speak with the youth at Lincoln’s Corner, Central Library of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.
Salman Mubarak a renowned Rotarian and speaker with a focus on youth development spoke on  “Let Humanity Win, an important lesson to be taught early in life.
It is imperitve that we change our perspective and change the mindset from a self seeking and individual centric approach towards a society where synergy and  let Service Above Self take root so that the world becomes a place where potential is not lost and we have societies which become beacons of hope and opportunity for all.
This is why Rotarians have a great role to play through Rotaract and Interact clubs which is by far one of the greatest opportunities and strength of Rotary.

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