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The Silent Price of Agression



We all are aware of the horrors of war. Wars kill people, innocent lives are lost and families loose their loved ones. Countless loose their limbs and are forced to live lives as dependents and disabled. This is tangible but the nontangible part is horrifying, indescribable and beyond comprehension.
Peace is eroded and agression happens because of arrogance, over confidence and miscalculations. This is simple mathematics no one can be a winner in any war.  Wars hamper progress and create hatred that is why peace needs to be nurtured nourished and allowed to take root so that the world is safe for those who get hit as a result of agression and suffer for no fault of their own.
The recent escalation between India and Pakistan because of whatever reasons has eroded the confidence and created a much larger Trust deficit between the two tested neighbours who have been at war more than twice in the past and the lessons learnt have been uneasy and tragic.
“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. “
Albert Einstein 
Rotarians of the world are trying to build a peace park on the border of India and Pakistan at Wagha.  The project has been named as Indus Peace Park in an attempt to de-escalate tensions and build Trust between the two nuclear powers. There is no other solution other than Peace. Peace cannot be ensured by force. It has to be enforced by the people from with in and only by changing the mindset and perspective.
An Opportunity Lost
Rotarians from Ankara, Turkey on invitation from Rotary Club Multan Cantt Pakistan were invited to visit Multan under the leadership of Prof Dr Aysegul ATAK YUCEL of Ghazi University, Ankara, Turkey for an NGS Confrence from the 5th of March to the 10th of March 2019.
Prof Aysegul ATAK YUCEL, a medical doctor by profession and an Immunologist and Anstheologyst. Prof Aysegul is a world renowned  NGS Scientist and researcher and was supposed to help develop the countris first NGS centre and address a confrence organised by Agriculture University of Multan on the inititive of Rotary Club Multan Cantt, Pakistan.
 A group of doctors was geared up to visit Multan – The City of Saints and one of the oldest living cities of the world to volunteer and train local doctors in the fields of NGS – Next Genetation Sequencing, Radiology and Orthodontics and this visit would have paved the way for International collaboration and knowledge sharing. The sole purpose and aim was to let humanity benefit.
This important confrence  could not take plce as the airfields were closed two days before the visit amid tension and escalation on both sides of the border.
This loss was small and ncan be amended by reschedulIg the whole programme compared to what can easily become a catalyst for a nuclear conflict. A recipe for disaster not only for the region but the whole world.
This is a story of two nuclear armed neighbours one on the aggresive and the other on defensive. The world needs to take positive steps before patience runs out.
I pray and hope that the politicians and men in power realize that
“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven it the lives of others.”  Pericles

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