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Web series of serial killer, rapist Javed Iqbal in the works



KARACHI: After playing a cannibal in his upcoming film Durj, Shamoon Abbasi will next portray murderer and rapist Javed Iqbal, who was given death sentence for raping and killing more than 100 children.

The actor-cum-director is all set to release a new web series revolving around Iqbal. The title of The Legend of Javed Iqbal and the Hundred Smiles revolves around his life and his victims.

“We made a telefilm about him and his life six years ago,” Abbasi said. “But some of the scenes were too crass for the audience and it wasn’t cleared by the censor board. We even offered to remove those scenes but it didn’t work out.”

Abbasi continued, “So, we thought of making a web series.”

The series will also be directed by the Waar actor. However, this isn’t the first time he is producing something for web. In 2016 and 2017, he released three short-films for web: Kasaab (a film about Indian spy Kulbushan Yadav), Main Rahungi (a film about women empowerment) and Zinda.

“We have tried to add suspense to The Legend of Javed Iqbal. It’s treated more like a thriller now,” he said. “Another prospect that will be explored in the story was how he became what he was. There’s usually an incident or an occurrence that triggers something in a person that makes them act a certain way.”

Abbasi plans to give his audience a visual treat by playing the cold-blooded murderer.

“My idea of getting into the skin of any character is to look exactly like it,” he added. “For example, Joaquin Phoenix is playing the next Joker; he has lost weight for his character, he has done everything to nail the look. That’s what I aim for. The viewers should believe the actor playing any role.”

Popular for playing negative roles in Pakistani films , Abbasi has now found peace at what he is known for. His recent film, Durj, portrays him as a cannibal who has no morals or feelings.

“Javed Iqbal is completely different from my character, Gul, in Durj,” he said. “I’m playing a privileged man in this web series. Gul wasn’t anywhere near our living standards.”

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