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World Health Day




Advocate Latif Butt

Every year under United Nation world health organization a theme is observed ,this year the same last year theme has been observed, that is  “ Universal Health Coverage :Every One ,Every Where.” And the slogan for this theme “Health For All” is also repeated. In all over the world healthy society’s establishment is the most pivotal. Due to heal and hearty people collective objectives for a society can be achieved. On the other hand the countries which do not pay heed on this aspect of health, have more complications and have more poverty because these things are interconnected which each other. So all members of the United Nation are striving to achieve durable progressive targets till 2030. So that by dint of this health care facilities be given on grass route level without discrimination of color, race and nation and without staunch economic prosperity it is impossible.

According to a survey, held in 2010, in all over the world 800 million people spent 10 percent of their income on health, similarly, 180 million people spent one fourth of as well as 90 million become victim of the poverty due to these expenditures on health which is an eye opener for the world. In Pakistan 60 percent of total income of a house is spent on health care and if they spent a lion’s share on their income they get more poverty and lives from hand to mouth.

According to estimation, public sector in Pakistan spent (in govt. institution) only 30 % on their employees and in private sector spent mere 10 percent on employees on health care facilities. In America 15 % of domestic income is used for health care. While 40 % is used on public as well as private sector. In Britain 15 % on domestic as well as 10 % is used on private sector while 80% is spent on public sector on health which is a milestone for the world. Therefore in a session of United Nation in 2012 it was held that Basic Necessity System has to revamp to provide health care facilities on all levels.

In September 2015 U.N General Assembly’s session it was consented that to get Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Universal Health Care 2030 program was which finance for health care , basic necessities , look after system, standards, cheap medicine and vaccination providence was prime objectives. In 2017 U.N. General Assembly session passed 3rd resolution named “World Health Care And Foreign Policy” in which every member of U.N. was ensured to make better medical facilities to meet up the U.N. standard.

Infect UHC-30 id publication of this same up mention theory. Which logically persuade members, politicians and governments by giving fact and figures. U.H.C wants to get sustainable Health Care for which sustainable progress and economy is vital. For this U.N has elaborated some principles which includes, firstly, providence of health facilities without any discrimination of color, race and religion. Secondly, the clarity in system in health care is necessary. Thirdly, liaisons among countries on international level are most indispensable level to cope with any emergencies.

If we talk about Pakistan the situation is worse than any country in the world. Here people are carving for the Basic health care facilities. To amelioration following directions can be corrected and followed.

Firstly, a staunch policy has to coin to dispensation of health care facilities on grass route level. Secondly, primary health care centers have to make better which are directly connected to the general people. Thirdly, professional deficiency has to meet up. Because Pakistan is lagging behind in profession arena in this segment. Fourthly, use of technology and latest medical trend has to increase as well as research and professionalism has to promote to meet up the international standard, and it must be legitimize under strong law. Fifthly, to improve the health care facilities more resources have to generate. “Addis Ababa Action Agenda”   is such a universal frame work which matches the general policies to economy, society and environmental factors on preferences in this regard. The U.N. members are under obligation to achieve SDGs and must enhance the internal resources to meet up the goals .its instances can be tax and revenue increase. For this purpose different steps can be taken such as, revenue Health card, funds for local govt. insurance schemes, subsidies, health vouchers and financial help programs are eminent.

Use of resources with better plantings and medical equipment purchase without corruption can also be helpful. Self-responsibility and public awareness is also dire need of time to meet up these goals. Accountability across the board is also necessary to nip in the bud the route cause. Medical research is also vital for this purpose innovation in arena of medical is dire need of time. To achieve SDGs is liability of every nation as well a individuals can pave the way by participation in this noble cause of health amelioration and for healthy global society.

The writer is an advocate at Lahore high court as well as development journalist. He tweets @M_latifbutt     

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