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I always enjoy doing negative roles, there is more room for performance: Aijazz Aslam



Exclusive Talk with Aijazz Asalam

Cheekh is going phenomenal

The apple of eyes for Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Aijazz Aslam is somebody you wouldn’t resist falling in love with even when he is doing a negative role. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak to him while he was busy on a shoot – read on to find out what he has to say about his recent hit Cheekh and other things in life.

  • Cheekh has come up as the best drama of the season – viewers are seeing in a negative role, which is rare, wasn’t it a tough decision?

CHEEKH is going phenomenal and it wasn’t a tough decision as I always enjoy doing negative roles. There is more room for performance doing these roles.


  • What else is in your to do list with respect to entertainment industry?

Pakistan entertainment industry desperately needs a web portal or platform where film makers can make web series of international standards. We have a lot of young talent waiting to showcase their immense talent.

  • Do you have a bucketlist? If yes, what is left there to achieve?

I don’t make lists, I just like moving with the flow.

  • Tell us about your obsession with bikes, specially Harley Davidson.

Biking is a passion for me since my school days and Harley Davidson is my freedom machine.

  • Who’s your celebrity crush from Hollywood?

All time favorite is Demi Moore but unfortunately, we don’t see her in movies anymore.

  • Do you feel like meeting your fans regularly? If yes, where can they approach you?

I love to interact with my fans. They give respect, love and energy to work better. Social media and live interactions are so much fun.


  • Which local language you think is the sweetest of all?

Urdu language

  • Name any favourite item of your wardrobe.


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