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 Turkey and Iran Model Islamic Revolution- The Way Forward.



By Ahmad Iftikhar Awan


Ever since Pakistan was created we are devoid of real democratic, characterful and Islamic minded leadership. The Propagandas designed against them was intentionally to scare People of Pakistan. Some time it was said that they will bring fear, harassment, isolation and Punishment. The Islamic Punishments for the defaulters, thieves and other criminals were used as a symbol of Terror in front of general public, who are, nor were, the criminals or defaulters. Their only crime was that they were innocent and simple. Their innocence and simplicity was exploited to the maximum and they were to believe that the dictators, Seculars, liberals and characterless leadership are their savour. Democratic and Characterful leadership is practiced and followed throughout the world and bringing fabulous results. On the other hand dictator/Characterless leadership is designed to keep masses poor, illiterate and to keep them under some ones control and Thumb. Iran’s leadership showed exemplary courage to shoot down American spy Aircraft/drown flying in their territory. On the contrary Pakistani leadership since last 72 years never showed such a character and courage rather we handed over the spy like Raymond Davis to our God Father. Similarly Turkish President Tayyab Erdgan’s stance on Palestine, Kashmir and other Ummah’s issues are not hidden. Why Iran and Turkey throughout the Muslim world are taken seriously and respected. Because their intelligentsia and general Public vote and support clean and characterful leadership, where as we vote the characterless, seculars, liberals with hidden agenda of someone else. Our intelligentsia is also not different than illiterate and poor masses. We don’t vote the Eagles of Iqbal, who he says that Truthfulness, Justice and Bravery should be possessed by the leader who wish to rule the world. Turkish and Iranians found the Eagle of Iqbal, where as we are still depending on the vultures. General Musharaf use to say that Pakistani society is an imperfect society, where a smuggler would win from a Noble citizen of the society. Why we reject Characterful and elect Characterless is a million dollar question. Some term it an alliance between vested interest mafia who wish to keep the masses in dark and under their control. Similarly International Establishment role cannot be ignored who likes democracy for themselves and sponsor dictatorship for the Muslim Countries. Similarly liking Characterful leadership for themselves and sponsoring Characterless leadership for the Muslim Ummah. Great Nations like Turkey and Iran understood it and chose characterful, democratic and Islamic leadership for their countries. Because they experienced the bad effects of secularism/ liberalism during Shah of Iran and Pre Erdgan Era in Turkey, and chose Islamic leadership/system as their saviour. The said two Islamic countries are respected in the world, even without a Nuke in their kitty. The Islamic Revolution has an inbuilt capability to address all the problems as it is a system of Quran and Sunnah designed by our creators.

The Important Aspects/ Fruits of Islamic Revolution:

  • Islamic revolution ensures that poverty is eliminated so much that The Zakaat (2.5% of annual income) givers are there but Zakaat takers are not there. Resultantly People are not poor rather prosperous and rich. It was practically witnessed during Khilafat.
  • Islamic Revolution ensures safety and peace so much that a lady could travel in the middle of the Night wearing all her Jewellery and nobody dare to Harm or loot her. Safety and honour is the message here. It was witnessed in our Prophet (PBUH) time.
  • The Caliph/Ameer/ Ruler is aware of the ground realities so much that he defers the Islamic punishments when there was Drought. Caliph Umar (RA) abolished Islamic punishments during drought in his time. Ground realities, Ease and welfare of General Public was held supreme during difficult Time and is the message here.
  • Islamic Revolution ensures that the ruler is so accountable that even a common citizen should be able to question as to why is he (Caliph Umar-RA) wearing Two Sheets (Chaddars) whereas he is authorised only one? Ruler’s accountability was started by our glorious religion Islam which is now followed by Western countries.
  • The said revolution ensures that Ruler is so God fearing and Just that he punishes his own son For his wrong doing, unlike the prevailing System in Pakistan where only the Weak and Poor are punished. Caliph is also Terrified When Poor praying to Allah with full involvement, fearing he might be complaining to God about him – Narration about Caliph Umar (RA).
  • Islamic revolution ensures that every down trodden Person becomes strong and Wellbeing, that h/she cannot be exploited. It’s a system supporting weak and poor, and Ensures that they are treated in Par with strong and rich. Unlike our prevailing system where only weak are punished. This injustice broke Pakistan, Where as it still persists .It has & will harm our country. Justice which is closer to Taqwa is Top priority of democratic and Characterful leaders having an agenda of Islamic revolution. It’s not only a narration but was practiced with fabulous results during Khilafat era and is to some extent practiced in Iran and Turkey presently.
  • Islamic Revolution ensure Prosperity. Holy Quran explains’’ had they enforce our System/ walk of Life, the earth would vomit all its hidden treasures’’. An Eye opener for our Rulers not to beg from IMF and World Bank, rather than enforce Islamic system. But how the Characterless ruler will enforce? S/he will be scared from the Justice System of said revolution, as the axe may fall upon him or his Party men.
  •  Model of elected (Not selected) and characterful leadership with a vision to create Islamic welfare state is being practiced in Turkey and Iran presently in Muslim world. People of subcontinent elected characterful Jinnah in 1947 whose vision was to create Islamic Welfare state. All above models are/were successful. The said Model was introduced by our Prophet (PBUH) when he First asked the People of Macca that if I tell you that a large Army behind this mountain is to Attack you- will you believe?. The people replied yes, because we you are sadiq (Truthful) and Ameen (Trustworthy) that was a foundation stone of Characterful leadership. Prophet never converted any one with force and so was the Model of our Caliphs. Jazia (Non-Muslim Tax) or sword (Jihad) were the clear option. Islamic revolution means enforcement of Islamic way of life in the society was the essence of our Prophet (PBUH) struggle. Iran and Turkey understood and trying to implement and resultantly are successful and respected.


The essence of above said discussion is to make people believe, who are under the clutches of slavery that combination of democratically elected Characterful leadership having Islamic revolution as the prime Aim is the solution to all the problems they face. Our half the battle is won only in having strong faith in above said Narration. Allama Iqbal (RA) emphasises strong Faith to achieve success. Turkey and Iran believed and implemented and got out of slavery clutches. Not only had this, all their Institutions are also respected as the Turkish Army submitted to General Public, contrary to Egyptian Army. The big lesson to learn from the said Model.

With best Wishes & Dua.



Ahmad Iftikhar Awan, Cell; 0300-4108805.


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