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The Historic Launch of E-Transfer Policy



By Omer Khayyam, Information Officer, DGPR.

School Education Punjab is the second biggest department of Pakistan having 403172 employees teaching more than 12 million students in 52487 government schools of Punjab. Catering such a huge number of employees is a task for sure. Under the leadership and supervision of Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar, Minister SED Punjab Dr Murad Raas has introduced the E Transfer policy for the teachers working in the government schools of Punjab a few months ago. The historic launch of this online transfer policy has eliminated the corruption factor at large, the nuisance for the teachers who, in the past have to run from place to place to get them transferred from one school to another. But now, with the launch and implementation of E-Transfer policy, teachers can move online applications for their transfers while staying free of hassles. The successful launch of this policy has also assured that all of the transfers must have to be done keeping the lines of merit in view. No special transfer requests from anyone can be catered after the policy has been introduced. Two online transfer phases have already been completed successfully and almost all of the teachers have expressed satisfaction over the system being introduced for them. As per the details, from May 2019 onwards, more than two hundred thousand teachers have logged onto the online transfer portal system and thousands of transfers have been done on merit till date. According to the School Education Department Punjab, fifty to seventy thousand teachers apply for their transfers from one place to another on annual basis. With the success of E transfer policy, corruption worth of billions has been banished. No government in the past has ever worked to ease the life of teachers in this way. PTI government in Punjab has done it successfully in just the first year of their governance in the province. This is how you start to change, a system can never be changed or altered at once, it takes a lot of time but what matters is that are the measures being taken to improve and excel.

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