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MoneyGram Launches New Bank Deposit Service in Pakistan



Pakistan is a key market of receiving remittances,Sahibzada Jahangir

Islamabad: MoneyGram Launches New Bank Deposit Service in Pakistan, According to PID press release, A contract was signed between the Alex Holmes Chairman & CEO of MoneyGram, and Bilal Asghar CEO of BankAlfalah to create a new bank deposit in London

This will allow customers to send money to any bank account in Pakistan. The ceremony was presided over by Sahibzada Jahangir, Spokesperson of Prime Minister on Trade & Investment for UK & Europe

While addressing the media, he said “Pakistan is a key market that is positioned for growth especially in terms of receiving remittances. He said in line with PM Imran Khan policies to eliminate money laundering and ease the facilitate the overseas Pakistanis in remitting their hard earned remittances back to Pakistan this new arrangement between MoneyGram & BankAlfalah will provide customised solutions that best serve their needs. The ceremony was attended by senior bankers. ***

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