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Aleem Dar broke the record of legendary umpire Steve Buckner



LAHORE: Pakistan superstar Aleem Dar won another award, becoming the world’s number one umpire by unveiling 129 matches with breaking legendary Steve Buckner’s record.

Aleen Dar Born in Gujranwala on June 6, 1968, he started the game with the dream of becoming a Test cricketer, stepping into the field changing umpires after playing 17 first matches.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka’s first in his hometown on February 16, 2000. One-day off. Three years later, he became a Test umpire in Dhaka. He did not join the ICC Elite Panel but was named the Oscar of the Year for three consecutive years.

Aleem Dar of Pakistan has set a record for his own Ideal Steve Buckner by unveiling a hundred and twenty-eight Test matches. Aleem Dar has become a record holder as an umpire in the five-day match between Australia and New Zealand.

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