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**Maybe My Heart Felt Right!* Poem By: *Awais Bhatti*




When I entered into this world of sights,

I saw a lady, grinning at me as I cried;

I wondered why I was sent to this place,

Then, she replied with grace:

“ Awww my baby welcome to this place”.

When I had the first sight,

Maybe my heart felt right.

It was you, not the sun so bright,

That filled my soul with light,

Maybe my heart was right.

It was you who kept me up all night,

Yes, my heart was right.

The blossom of your hair,

Kept my breath at heights,

It was you who wandered

In my dreams all night.

Where are you now?

My heart calls you high,

I kept looking;

Losing you was my fright.

But you were always inside me,

You were always my light.

Yes my heart was right.

I am out and out yours,

She said to me in a slapping fight.

All my dreams were quiet,

When I saw you take that flight.

I kept forgetting your footsteps,

They engaged me in a woeful plight,

Maybe what my heart felt was right.

When my pensive past blew me away,

You made me blissful by hugging me tight.

**Maybe what my heart felt was right!*

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