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3 decease, 12 people recovered alive from Torkham landslide



PESHAWAR: On Tuesday, a severe landslide at Torkham in the Khyber district resulted in the recovery of three dead bodies and 12 trapped people. Lt Gen Hassan Azhar Hayat, Corps Commander, reviewed the Pakistan Army’s and other organizations’ ongoing rescue and cleanup operations while he was at the Torkham landslide disaster site.

The Pakistan Army and provincial rescue teams were reportedly taking part in the operations at Torkham, according to official sources. Urban, Search, and Rescue teams from the Pakistani Army were actively taking part in the relief and rescue efforts in the affected area. Dumpers, as well as other tools and machinery, were in use by the Army Engineers to remove the landslides.

The urban search and rescue teams of Pakistan  Army were also using search cameras, rescue redaors, cutters and life locators. As result of use of the modern equipment, three dead bodies were recovered and 12 persons were retrieved alive whose condition was out of danger.

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