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Britney Spears launches new attack on sister



Britney Spears is calling her sister Jamie Lin Spears these days for being insensitive to her back.

In his new post, the 40-year-old wrote: “You selfish little kids! How weird and foolish to say I bought a house for Mama!”

“She was very proud and you told the girl in the interview that it was weird.

“…why did you say that?”

He called Jamie Lin “f ** hateful”.

Britney continued: “And the subject of the knife, which ironically is the only lie you’ve ever told in your entire life, why is this 20-minute conversation?”


And [it was] the most degrading to me… OH BUT you don’t want to keep talking about it because you don’t want to HURT ANYBODY’S feelings.”

The pop star later went on to add how Jamie Lynn dyed her hair life, Christina Aguilera, dubbing her insensitive after Justin Timberlake breakup.

“When I came home you and your little friends all thought I wasn’t cool … You felt bad for me in the breakup … HELL NO you didn’t !!! You and your friends all dyed your hair like Christina Aguilera and you no longer would play with me anymore !!!”


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