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‘Cover drive king’: Babar Azam beats Virat Kohli in ICC poll



Pakistani batsman Babar Azam beat Indian skipper Virat Kohli, New Zealand’s Kane Williamson and English cricketer Joe Root in a poll conducted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) asking who among the four players had the best cover drive. The poll was: who is this generation’s cover drive king? ICC started the poll on Twitter with pictures of the captains from the four countries. The competition was mainly between Virat and Babar. Their votes toppled each other quite a few times, but it was the Pakistan captain who came out the victor.

A total of 260,143 people voted in the poll with Babar getting the majority number of votes at 46%. It was a close call between the two cricketers as Kohli lagged behind by just 0.01%. Williamson and Root earned 7.1% and 1.1% of the votes respectively.

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