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Female’s education imperative for country’s prosperity and rapid economic development : First Lady Samina Alvi



SWABI: The first lady, Begum Samina Arif Alvi, said on Wednesday that the country’s prosperity and rapid economic development depended on educating women and bringing out-of-school children into the educational system.

Begum Samina Alvi said educated mothers guaranteed the education of their children, paving the way for their careers and a prosperous society, during the opening of the teachers’ training center at Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO) Alamabad here. In addition to female education, she stated that enrolling out-of-school children in educational programs was a difficult task and that the private sector’s role in doing so was crucial. She claimed that significant efforts were being made to enroll all of these kids in public schools, maximizing their potential while also putting them to good use.

Bringing out-of-school children under the education net would not only bring significant improvement in their own lives but also help their families on social and economic fronts besides significantly contributing to the country’s development process.

The First Lay said countries achieve heights of economic and financial prosperity with educational empowerment of all citizens including male and female through dedicated professional teachers rather than the construction of buildings. She urged teachers to also focus on character building and career counselling of students, saying respect for teachers was also equally important for a learned and knowledgeable society.

The first lady said lack of education creates socioeconomic imbalances including poverty and illiteracy and that a lot of effort was required to improve the literacy ratio in the country. Samina Arif Alvi said she was pleased to see a large number of girls getting quality education here and praised their families for their continued support and assistance to them.

Besides education, she said economic and financial empowerment of women and imparting vocational skills was a must for achieving the desired economic goals. She praised RMWO for providing quality education and healthcare services to the people of far-flung areas of KP.

Begum Samina Alvi underscored the need for the proactive role of the private sector in spreading education and providing better healthcare services to people in far-flung and remote areas of the country including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

She urged RMWO to extend their services to far-flung and remote rural areas for people’s benefit. The first lady urged the local community of Swabi district to help RMWO for the sake of people’s welfare.

Samina Alvi said Pakistan had been created after a lot of sacrifices by the Muslims of the subcontinent and it was our collective responsibility to work hard for its progress and prosperity. She said Pakistan had given us everything and it was time to work with full dedication and commitment in our respective fields to make it economically stronger and prosperous.

Earlier, the first lady was told that 30 teachers including Nazira teacher and coordinator were hired for the smooth running of the established school besides services of a seminary and hospital here. Later, Samina Alvi visited various sections of the Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization and interacted with the staff. She also planted a sapling on the lawn of the organization.



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