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First Islamic Finance Center of Punjab established with cooperation of Meezan Bank: Dr. Muhammad Hanif Akhtar



Multan. Professor Dr. Muhammad Hanif Akhtar, Director of the first Islamic Finance Center in the Department of Commerce Bahauddin Zakariya University has said that the establishment of the first Islamic Finance Center of Punjab was implemented with the cooperation of Meezan Bank. Among the prominent objectives of the establishment of this center is to eradicate the system of usurious banking in South Punjab and in Pakistan particular, to provide manpower to play a key role in running this system. In addition, its main objectives include the promotion of research and teaching that will help in the elimination of usurious and non-Sharia financial systems and strive to achieve such a financial system that provides an alternative to the current financial system in accordance with Sharia principles. The Center has started its efforts in this regard long-term and short-term courses are being organized with the main objective of training the existing workforce in the economic and banking system through long-term courses, such young people will be trained by 2027. This includes preparing batches which will play a role in eradicating usurious banking and promoting Islamic banking system. In this regard, the first session of BS Islamic Finance has been started in the center which is expected to be successful. That he will pass out in 2027 and offer his services in the elimination of the usurious banking system. The student hailed the establishment of this center in the Department of Commerce and thanked the university administration and said that very soon we will get rid of the usurious banking system from Pakistan. The system will be abolished and under the leadership of highly educated professor Dr. Muhammad Hanif Akhtar, the development will be quadruple day and night. Dr. Muhammad Hanif Akhtar has been appointed as the director to run this center. It is hoped that he will play his full role for the achievement of the objectives of the center and the development of the department and the university through his academic services and efforts. Staff reporter

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