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HEC gives online exam conducting possibility



Islamabad: As  students were protesting outside their institutions regarding  in-campus conduction of exams, Federal Minister of Education, Shafqat Mahmood recently tweeted that HEC has permitted the universities to take online exams.

Since the whole world is undergoing a pandemic , in addition to many other problems, the online education system is one major issue in Pakistan. However, the system has benefited in terms of more interaction and know-how to technology ,  students are still facing many problems. It is not possible to create 100 percent understanding on screens where the teacher is unable to see the expressions of students. So, the fact of the matter is, this system is not easy to comprehend by both, the teachers and students. After the whole online classes fiasco ,  the universities announced the final examination to be held in campuses. A country wide rally of demonstrations and protests started.

Taking note of many tweets and protests , Shafqat Mahmood recently tweeted quoting that he is happy , for HEC has allowed the universities to conduct online examination. Furthermore, he mentioned that there should be fair means of exam grading. Students should not be eased if they part take in any illegal activities during the exams.

Before this, HEC announced that it is completely upon the University Vice Chancellors’ decision whether they want to conduct online exams or not. They said, “It is up to the universities to decide whether they wanted to conduct in-person or online exams, days after protests caught pace against on-campus examinations.” However, later on, on the continuous protests of students, HEC allowed the universities to conduct online exams(as per the tweet of federal minister).

HEC said,  “The apprehensions of students were reviewed carefully in consultation with the vice-chancellors of all the provinces and regions, keeping in view the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and opening of universities from February 01, 2021.”

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