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‘Lawyers stand with Supreme Court, constitution’



Multan: Former President District Bar Multan Hafiz Allah Ditta Kashif Bosan Advocate, Azeem ul Haq Pirzada said in a press conference that the decision of the Supreme Court has buried the theory of necessity.  The government’s response to this wonderful decision is the result of the rulers’ irritation and cowardice. The rulers can slightly improve their lost reputation by openly accepting this decision.  They have tried unsuccessfully to undermine security and stability, which is reprehensible.

The lawyers and patriots of Pakistan are standing with the Supreme Court and the Constitution of Pakistan with all diligence and zeal. There is still strength to take the path of the constitution and law to save the country from further chaos, invasion and destruction. The supremacy of the constitution, the rule of law and respect for the judiciary is not just the duty of the PTI or the other parties, but of the country.  Every citizen has an equal responsibility.

We promise that we will continue to play our full role for upholding the truth and eradicating tyranny.  They think that they will gain public sympathy by being disqualified due to their deeds, and then this is their delusion which will soon disappear.

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