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Pakistan to become hub for medical treatment, services in region: FM Bilawal



ISLAMABAD Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Thursday that despite having limited resources, Pakistan had managed to establish itself as a regional center for healthcare.

He asserted that Pakistan handled COVID-19 much better than its neighbors, including India. While speaking at the Convocation ceremony of the Fazaia Medical College in this city, Bilawal said, “Pakistan had limited resources, but thanks to the dedication of the professional medical teams, it managed the pandemic in a better way and earned international prestige.” He urged every medical institution and practitioner in the nation to keep improving their knowledge of medicine.

The foreign minister said the ministry of foreign affairs was ready to play its due role in facilitating the international partnership in healthcare cooperation.

He said the export of high-end surgical and medical equipment and products of other avenues would enable Pakistan to qualify in the league of high-technology exporters and to this end. He also urged the country’s industry and academia to proactively strengthen their linkages.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari informed that despite low resources, the Sindh government in particular had managed to build state-of-the-art international standard health institutes in the province that were providing free medical facilities to the general public.

In Gambat area of Khairpur district, he said the provincial government had established the internationally recognized hospital where patients from across the country were availing free liver, kidney, bone marrow and lung transplant facilities.

Further, the FM said National Institute for Cardio-vascular diseases in Karachi was also providing treatment of heart-related diseases free of charge.

He said in every district of Sindh, satellite healthcare centers had also been established to provide emergency treatment to heart patients and children.

The minister said after the COVID pandemic, the government had also established the first-ever infectious disease hospital in Karachi where free treatment is being provided.

Congratulating the successful graduates, he asked them to support the government in their efforts to develop high-value services for the people.

With respect to the achievements of Pakistan on the international front, the minister said “We have worked day and night towards the betterment of our relations with all the international partners.”

He said Pakistan’s foreign policy was guided by national interest, pragmatism and constructive engagements. “It is a matter of great satisfaction that despite enormous challenges faced by Pakistan on national, international and economic fronts, we have been able to advance foreign policy interests of Pakistan.”

The recent achievements on the diplomatic front, he said include Pakistan’s exit from the FATF grey list and global recognition of Pakistan’s leadership at G77 in China.

“When we gathered at the international convention for climate resilient Pakistan, the entire international community stood shoulder to shoulder to Pakistan,” he added.

The recent SCO meeting in Goa, India was a testimony of Pakistan’s strong resolve to proactively pursue the country’s foreign policy interests, and traditional areas like national security, galvanizing international support on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, Bilawal said.

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