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PDM wants to protect, continue ‘corruption-friendly’ system: PM



Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday reacted to the leaked video showing PTI lawmakers allegedly selling their votes in exchange for money handed out by a former MPA of the PPP, saying that his government was determined to “stop the cycle of money laundering and corruption”.

A video filmed right around the time of the Senate elections 2018 started doing the rounds on social media earlier today, showing a couple of PTI MNAs allegedly taking money from former MPA of the PPP, Mohammad Ali Bacha.

The prime minister said that the video showed how successive ruling elites drowned the country in debt and destroyed the country’s morals.

“The videos showing the shameful way in which politicians buy & sell votes in Senate reflects the total destruction of the nation’s morality by successive ruling elites as they drowned the nation in debt. Cycle of corruption & money laundering is a sordid tale of our pol elite:” he tweeted.

The prime minister blamed the “ruling elites” for coming into power and making money to purchase decision-makers, bureaucrats and the media to “consolidate their power and rob nation’s wealth.

“They spend money to come to power & then use this pol power to make money to purchase bureaucrats, media & other decision-makers to consolidate their power & rob nation’s wealth – money laundering it into offshore accts/ foreign assets/palatial residences abroad,” he tweeted.

The prime minister said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement wanted to protect a “corruption-friendly” system.

“This is what the PDM cabal wants to now protect by supporting a corruption-friendly system. We are determined to stop this cycle of corruption & money laundering that is debilitating the nation,” he said.



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