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Sehar Afzal’s Exclusive Interview: “I’ll embrace character of any sort “given that it doesn’t push me to my boundaries”



Sehar has already won our hearts, her acting and modeling skills have earned her a slot in the industry that is usually unattainable in a short span of time. She is carefree yet contained, definitely a woman of substance. We had the honour of meeting her for a casual chit, let’s read on.

1. Just like some of us always want to be doctors, did you always want to be on screen? How did it happen?

Yes, I very much wanted to be an actor. I have landed just in the right place. At first, I was offered a few photoshoots by an acquaintance, and within a year I was spotted from there and offered a role in a drama.

2. Who was your motivation to join showbiz and acting?

Well motivation is not always driven from ‘someone’. I mean it can be from ‘something’ as well. I remember when I was young, I couldn’t stay in one place. Change is in my nature and I believe this profession suits me best for that. Every time it’s a new team, new people, new character, new experience. I get to be so many different people. It’s amazing!

3. Which has been your favorite character that you have performed so far?

One name, and that’s Zaini from the drama ‘Tum Yaad Aey’. I absolutely, loved playing her. I have to say it’ll always be one of my favourite characters.

4. How you respond to compliments from your fans?

My fans are not a very big fan of my interactions with them, hahaha. I wish they’d understand what it’s like to have such a busy routine. But I love them and I’m extremely grateful to them for supporting me and loving me and bearing with my lack of responds to them. A big shout out to you guys!

5. What is the hardest part about being a celebrity?

The fact that you’re a celebrity. I mean really, sometimes we just want to be unnoticed, so that we can do some shoplifting or stuff ?

6. If you could become a cartoon character, which superhero would you like to become?

We’ll have to design a new character for me, and I’d like to hold the power of bringing happiness and peace everywhere. Let’s make a colourful dress for that, with a big big smile on it.

7. Onscreen chemistry is crucial for performance, name any celebrity you are comfortable with on TV?

It’s very important to make chemistry with each and every co actor you’re working with. I develop my own comfort with my co actors so that we both can do our work smoothly. I can’t really name one person because I pair up with each co actor in my own way.

8. Any weirdest comment or interaction with your fans that you can’t forget?

Honestly, the weirdest comments are the ones with marriage proposals(lol)

9. Name the celebrities you want to work with?

I’ll write down every name possible. Yes! Because I thrive to explore, I long to learn. I strongly believe that every person has good things to transmit. Every actor has something so unique that no other has it! That’s what makes me want to keep working with more and more new actors.

10. Do you plan to do any movies in Pakistan or India?

I am an artist. I’ll embrace character of any sort(given that it doesn’t push me to my boundaries). Film or drama or theatre, whatever it is. If it gives me margin to perform, I want every inch of it!

11. Would you like to share your fitness tips with us?

Stay happy! Stay positive! Love openly! And of course a little yoga and gymming won’t hurt.

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