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Success of doctors is the success of whole nation: Balighur Rahman —Punjab Governor presides over NMU convocation



Multan. The third convocation of Nishtar Medical University was held. Punjab Governor and Chancellor Muhammad Balighur Rahman presided over the convocation. Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rahman awarded 29 gold medals to 12 male and female students. Degrees were awarded to 300 graduates in the convocation.

On this occasion, Vice Chancellor Nishtar Medical University Prof. Dr. Rana Altaf Ahmed, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mehnaz Khakwani, Principal Nishtar Medical College Prof. Dr. Rashid Qamar Rao, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Masood, Secretary Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Rana Muhammad Afzal Nasir Khan, Registrar Professor Dr. Ghulam Abbas, Vice Chancellor Bahauddin Zakaria University Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah, Vice Chancellor Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Professor Dr. Muhammad Asif Raw, Vice Chancellor The Women University Professor Dr. Uzma Qureshi, MNA Ahmed Hasan Dehar, former members of National Assembly Sheikh Tariq Rasheed, Javed Ali Shah, former MPA Shahid Mehmood Khan, former MNA Shaheen Shafiq, Malik Asif Rafiq Rajwana also participated.

Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rahman while addressing the convocation said that I congratulate all the medical students on completing their degrees. I hope that the doctors will make full use of their abilities. The success of doctors is the success of the whole nation. We need to do more efforts and research to fight new diseases in the present era. It is the responsibility of doctors to treat every patient with dignity and respect. The learning process should always be ongoing. Governor Punjab further said that service to humanity should be the greatest for us. There is a need for more research and innovation in the medical field. Acquiring new knowledge should be our priority. He further said that the services of doctors in covid-19 were commendable. Healthcare professionals have always worked with courage and dedication. We should treat everyone with compassion and kindness. One should always strive to improve character and behavior. Success depends on your hard work and dedication. Always thank your parents who sacrificed their tomorrow for your today. All of your success is due to the training of teachers. He further said that always be loyal to your country and nation. Loyalty to country and nation is also a part of our religion Islam. No country tolerates desecration of its martyrs. In the events of May 9, our martyrs were desecrated. Our martyrs are our foreheads. We should have always honour and respect our martyrs. Governor Punjab Balighur Rahman further said that we have to develop tolerance for the ideas of others. We should always seek guidance from Allah Ta’ala. Each of us must hold ourselves accountable. He added that research should be done before believing anything. We should adopt a critical and analytical approach. Research should be part of our mindset. Islam said 14 hundred years ago that everything should be researched. Many things are misrepresented on social media. We must make decisions based on reality. We have to think and understand well before every decision. According to the report of Transparency International, research in which era corruption was more. No one likes to hire a clumsy person as their driver. We have to see that the promises made by those who took the vote have been fulfilled. Governor Punjab further said that special attention was always given to the education sector in the Muslim League (N) government. During the administration of Nawaz Sharif, the funding of HEC was increased up to one hundred and twenty billion rupees as the education minister. In the previous government, HEC funding was reduced to Rs 60 billion. From 2013 to 2018, the number of out-of-school children was the lowest. You have to see in which period the most motorways and highways were built. Pakistan’s first women’s university was also built by Nawaz Sharif. Women’s universities were also built in Multan and Bahawalpur during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure. Medical colleges in Dera Ghazi Khan, Sahiwal and Bahawalnagar were built during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure. Bahawalnagar Medical College could not become functional despite being completed for four years. He further said that educational institutions are our national asset. Unfortunately, the arsonists and vandals caused a lot of damage to the country. Damaged the honour and respect of our martyrs. We have to respect each other’s political views. We have to stay away from hate mongers. We have to live a purposeful life. We have to develop the spirit of tolerance. He further said that the life of those who run after money is like a crusher bull. We have to keep the purpose of our life high and noble. We have to make the service of God’s creation our motto. Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty. We have to bring beauty in our environment, character and attitudes. We have to promote our higher values. We have to face difficulties with courage and courage. Today we have saved Pakistan from default. In the convocation, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Rana Altaf Ahmed spoke about the performance of Nishtar Medical University. Principal Prof. Dr. Rashid Qamar Rawa presented the annual performance report. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rana Altaf Ahmed administered the oath to the MBBS graduates regarding service to humanity and professional responsibilities.

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