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‘Women’s role vital for country’s development’



Multan: Lions Club has a unique identity in terms of humanitarian service; the social services of women in this movement are unforgettable. Without the development of women, the development of the society is not possible in the social sector or in any field of life. For success, we need to set our goals so that the achieve of noble goals is possible.

These views were expressed by District Governor Lions Club International Pakistan Muhammad Waseem Sheikh while addressing the annual function of Multan Jasmin Lions Club. President of Multan Jasmin Lions Club Munaza Malik said that serving the deprived sections of the society is one of our main priorities.  Fasting is an effective means of self-purification. The main message of the month of Ramadan is to help the poor and the needy and participate needy people in Sehr and Iftar times so that they can enjoy these blessings also.

The annual performance report of the club was presented by Secretary Asma Arsalan. In the ceremony, the coordinator of New Voices Sajda Khalil, Rifat Azam, Atiya Hameed, Alia Afzal Supra, Farhat Shafique, Shaishta Zeeba Shahnaz Zulfiqar, Jasmin Farrukh, Maryam Faisal, Nargis Ashfaq, Samira Akhlaq were present. Sawira Khalid, Subhan Nisar, Afifah Shehzad, Sadia Malik, Choudhry Nasrullah, Waqas Mureed Qureshi, Muzaffar Iqbal Qureshi participated.

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