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United Nations in a changing world



United Nations in a changing world
Adv. Latif Butt








Albeit, NATO has completed 70 years of its existence but after the British premier ’statement and reminder in its session held in England regarding the sole purpose of establishment NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION NATO that “ one for all and all for one” showed the reservation and concerns of western world. NATO is the strength of west and owing to it after second world war west not only maintained its supremacy in the world but also make staunch themselves .political and economic discrepancies has become the cause of Brexit from Europe. these political issues is raised by president Donald trump are route cause of Turkey’s fight in northern Syria against Kurds on the other hand economic rift is due to European NATO allies pending payments.

NATO conference has no concerns with up mention issues while it was held on agenda in increase of military as well as cyber power and threats from China and Russia. Although since 70 years England has been pivotal participant of European defense agreement.  North Atlantic Treaty Organization came into existence in 1949, this was the time when world has just faced the world war repercussions it is pertinent to mention here that United Nation was constituted in 24 October 1945, and the sole purpose of all these international fora was to make safe the earth from more wars and to make prosper the effected countries from wars and economic prosperity. it was a pure political fora for U.N signatories.


United nation Security Council another organ of UN always tried to prevents from wars the world and takes steps to mitigate the escalations among rival nations but it has now become a puppet of America and of permanent members. IMF and WORLD BANK were also established whose goal was prosperity and make the nations strong but both are also used now everybody knows. If we pay heed on this fact that when UN ,IMF and World bank were there what was the reason to make such military alliance this question has a myth and serious readers who knows the pros and cons of new world order and have knowledge what was actual reason of it. World is divided in two different blocks in which ideological division has its own role. Although Soviet Union was part of Europe but in 1980s NATO got unprecedented success by disintegrating Soviet Union without war by using cold war tactic like propaganda and ideological inculcations of hatred and thinking out of the box .Band wagon theory is prevalent phenomena in recent era as well and is a fifth generations Warfield tool.

After changing the status of soviet union to Russia NATO’s next move was to invade Balkans in 1990 here it again got a great success but after when NATO allies Europe and America decided to go beyond the their walls brings a strategic change in their policy they turned their faces towards middle east. They invaded Iraq on just fake news of economist about Mass Destructive Weapon existence in Iraq and there is likelihood of being in the hands of terrorist. Then war on terrorism converted towards Afghanistan and the allies of America al-Qaida who were jihadist who helped NATO and America to win war in USSR now changed into worse enemies and after 20 years of war American can’t even say they have gotten moral success and world suffers from irreparable loss of lives, resources and infrastructure besides trillions dollars also lost in this war.

Libyan president Qadaffi who was American puppet has to lost his power and in this way NATO and American expand its arms and watch to south Asia on the name of surveillance. NATO which is not only a military alliance but also a political alliance as well have its own purposes and interests in the middle east which ostensibly are to secure democracy in middle east and inwardly it have its own interests in this middle east military advancement was done to introduce democracy because west considered her as beacon bearer of democracy and its deeds are totally against its vision sand have other interests. But in Middle East NATO and American has to face music because here lives Muslims and they would never ever accept the supremacy of Israel and American in the region though they have fought four wars but Muslims never accept the hegemony of Israel because this will amount to another rift which will never end .the young generations particularly thought that democracy is mere an excuse to fulfill NATO and America’s extentionistic, imperialistic aims and they want to encroach the muslins territories as doing in Palestine and in Kashmir .it seems a new method of crusade which is unconventional warfare and muslins are not comprehending this affair due to their own wrangling on basis of sectism,ethnic and political rifts. That’s why Yasir Arafat was chosen by Arabs muslins.

Al-Qaida and Deash,ISIS,ISIL are now big challenge to America and NATO .although NATO is weaker than even now but it is doubled now and expenditures as well the countries of WARSA PACT are also its part and parcel of NATO. President Putin of Russia is giving tough time to NATO also either it can be in form Syrian proxy war and aid to president bashar ul asad ,encroachment in Crimea or defense missile system sale to turkey he is giving open challenge to NATO and America NATO and Russia has entered into another cold war now on the other hand turkey which was the watcher of northern gate of the Europe showing inclination towards Russia is also an alarming situation for NATO because American and allies are supporting Kurds who are considered rebels and traitors by Turks this reason make turkey to choose its news block. Putin not only focusing on deterrence and defense but also making itself powerful in arena of cyber warfare and information technology. Because this warfare is now first weapon in any war its instance can be seen in American president election, European countries elections, attacks in cells bury.

In this 70th session of NATO the solidarity was fewer things this can be asses by France president statement regarding NATO as “DEAD BRAIN” this thing show the gravity of the situation. Canada pays his lion’s share of payment of NATO’s expenditures. Germany is sin que non part of NATO and Europe and strongest economy also pledges to pursue its role for NATO in monetarily matters which would strengthen the modern defense system of the NATO. if NATO wants peace they have to live and bear together now.




Writer is an advocate at Lahore high court and journalist. He tweets at: m.latif butt.

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