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Abrogation of A-370 by India in IOK



By : Saleem Qamar Butt

Two Nations Theory Stands Vindicated Again

Monday, 5th August 2019 will be written as the blackest day in the history of subcontinent when India defied over 70 years old UNO resolutions on Kashmir as well as Kashmir High court decision by unilaterally abrogating articles 370 and 35A of Indian constitution that recognized special status of occupied State of Jammu and Kashmir with special rights and declaring it as union territory while keeping Ladakh as a separate integral part. Saner minds are forced to think that is it beginning of the end of Indian union as a state and is Modi going to be the Gorbachove of India by diving too deep in to the hateful ocean of Hindutva doctrine of BJP and extremist militant organisations like RSS and Bajrang Dal that are busy in lynching minorities in India? Is it a step closer towards implosion? Modi was notorious as a Butcher of Muslims in Gujarat as a chief minister and having become Prime minister riding on the wave of Hindu nationalism indulged excessively in maltreatment of all minorities in India and particularly organized consistent genocide of Muslims in Indian Occupied Kashmir through Indian state terrorism.

Indian National Congress and other opposition parties in India have raised voices against presidential decree and it remains to be seen what positive role Indian internal politics and superior judiciary can play to stop this mad step that is not only bound to shake the founding principles of Indian Union as well as make Kashmir as number one and hottest nuclear flash point between India, Pakistan and China (being the third party involved in the dispute, left with no choice of remaining silent any more with change of Indian stance on Ladakh ultimately having geo-strategic ramifications for CPEC passing through Gilgit-Baltistan-Northern Areas of Pakistan). Pro India former chief minister Dr. Abdullah, Umar Abdullah and above all former chief minister of IOK Mehbooba Mufti have finally spoken the truth by stating that their decision to side with India instead of Pakistan was a wrong decision, which has once again vindicated the ‘two nations’ theory” that made India and Pakistan two separate independent states. How do Muslims in IOK and in rest of India unite and launch unified pro-active struggle for their honourable survival in cooperation with other maltreated minorities like Christians, Sikhs and Dalits shall be visible sooner than later under repressive rule of Modi led BJP.

While jubilations were still in progress over Trump’s offer of mediation on Kashmir, Modi played his trump card for which he in his first tenure as a prime minister had prepared grounds by gradually changing the demography of Jammu and Ladakh by establishing Hindu Sainik (military) colonies, special industrial zones for Hindu investor, grant of Kashmiri subject status to settlers from West Pakistan/ Bangladesh. Thus Modi’s humble disposition as a chai wala (tea selling boy) displayed abroad proved to be guise of a wolf in sheep’s skin. Modi-Netanyahu nexus and Israeli technical and military assistance to India in IOK is not a secret, and ultimately it has resulted in application of Israeli template (of usurping West Bank and Gaza strip) on IOK with most probable nefarious steps of creating detention centres and colonies of Kashmiri Muslims pushed along the line of control, sending swarms of refugees towards Azad Kashmir. Only time will tell as to how does reaction will shape up by Kashmiri freedom fighters for right of self determination, corers of Muslims in India and other freedom struggles like Khalistan/ Punjab, Nagaland, Mizoram and other North Eastern states in India against this despicable BJP extremist move.

The oppressed Muslims of IOK, who have already lost two lakh civilians’ lives and continuously being tortured with thousand of rape victims, custodial killings and pellet guns victims, are desperately waiting for the international conscience to wake up, which so far has done nothing to stop Indian atrocities. What will UNO do to keep its credibility by finally playing a role in finding a solution to lingering Kashmir issue in the light of its own resolutions or will it behave dead like its predecessor League of Nations, which failed to stop 2nd World War. What role UNHCR, OIC, GCC, EU, SAARC, ASEAN and SCO will play? What leadership role is expected from members of UN Security Council collectively and individually? How would Pakistan’s time tested friendly countries like China, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia and some Arab countries come to help subjugated people of IOK or will it become another Palestine? Will SOS call by incarcerated Kashmiri Huriyat leader Ali Gillani for saving Kashmiri from ultimate genocide fall on deaf ears? Will curfew imposed by largest fake democracy of India and systematic brutal slaughter of Kashmiri youth remain un-noticed by international community?

In bilateral terms, after the status of accession to India by Maharaja at the time of partition, Simla agreement, Indus water treaty, line of control and all other treaties and memorandums related to disputed nature of Kashmir become irrelevant or questionable raising the prospects of military conflict between two nuclear powers with greater security ramifications for regional and global peace. Pakistan missions abroad must work on the war footing and reach out to all countries and through Pakistani diaspora, organize sustained campaign to awaken the global scruples to the havoc being played by India in IOK by state organized reign of terror. While Government of Pakistan has immediately reached out to UNO and all friendly countries for playing their due role in resolving the core dispute; however, seeing the experience of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Syria, while one can just pray but can’t hope much beyond lip service, which without meaningful punitive economic, political and diplomatic actions means nothing at all. Therefore, it may ultimately be Pakistan’s solo fight for which all diplomatic, political, economic and military means and options need to be harnessed without any delay. Kashmir was very meaningfully termed as jugular vein of Pakistan by founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah; so we have to guard it accordingly and nothing should be spared when it comes to SOS situation like this.

Some food for thought; Pakistan should freeze its role and cooperation on finding a peaceful solution to Afghan conundrum until USA and its NATO Allies play due positive role in forcing India to abide by UN Resolutions on Kashmir. China has to stand shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan if it wishes to see CPEC continuing uninterrupted. The road access to Afghanistan-India Trade and Pakistan air space should be closed for India till suitable resolution comes around on Kashmir……a baboo shall not scare government of the economic dividend that we may have to forego as it will hurt the foe hundred times more than us. We must not lower our guards on Western front as by escalation along the Line of Control, India in nexus with incumbent stooges in Afghanistan will definitely like to exploit for launching more and more terror proxies. The hardening of our borders and shoot to kill orders for all trespassers will save our precious lives on the borders. The cowardly attacks on civil population along the line of control must be responded with full force, besides activating Mujahid force and village defence committees. It is also time to launch a national media led and interior ministry controlled campaign to get rid of aliens in our society with or without fake Pakistani identities and shove then back to their countries, which will enhance our internal security and create much better livelihood for own starving people. Pakistani society, political elite and law enforcement agencies have to become an iron fist to safeguard our sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests. Long live Kashmir, Long live Pakistan!

Saleem Qamar Butt, SI (M) is a retired senior Army officer with rich experience in International relations, diplomacy and analysis of strategic issues. ( Website: )

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