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“Covidiots” & Our Soldiers in White Gown



“Covidiots” & Our Soldiers in White Gown

By: Zaynab Saif Anwar Jappa


“But, mommy what about the bedtime story?” complained Aleena. “Aleena baby, I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry”. Replied her mother, Dr. Sania while putting on her white gown and kissing her beautiful young daughter’s forehead before leaving for night duty at the City hospital. “Sania beitay, did you make the handi?” asked Aleena’s grandmother. “All set Ammi and don’t forget to take your calcium supplement please. See you two amazing ladies in the morning.” Dr.Sania waved them goodbye and rushed to hospital as she was already getting late.

Dr. Sania was a single parent for the last three years. Her husband had passed away in an unfortunate plane crash after one year of their marriage. He was a loving father and a caring husband. After the birth of their first child Aleena, when life had just taken off, destiny took a nose dive. Tragedy struck. Her whole world had come crashing down in splash of a moment. Now, Dr. Sania was to look after her daughter and mother in law for rest of their lives.

While passing through the bazaar, she saw shops open and crowded with people. It was apparent that public was not ready to comply with Government’s warnings and reluctant to take precautionary measures regarding ongoing pandemic seriously. She was stunned to see a bunch of youth having a bike ride as if they were celebrating the pandemic! Her heart almost skipped a beat when she saw a herd of people roaming around aimlessly without masks and gloves! Unconsciously, she uttered, “Covidiots”- idiots who were not taking Covid seriously.

While seeing this all, her probing mind questioned why? Why do people don’t care? Why don’t they understand that someone is risking his or her life for them? Why don’t they think before stepping out of their homes? Why do they take it as a joke? A long series of Whys popped up in her mind. Look at these Covidiots! What are they up to? Don’t they realize, we have families too?

In this toughest time, the medical practitioners are at the frontlines and prone to highest level of risk. No doubt, they are risking their lives and dealing with corona dancing in the world. Salute to all those doctors who are combating against this faceless virus. The men and women in white gowns are trying their best to solve this worldwide medical crisis.

Doctors are surely a blessing for the mankind. Bringing the dead back to life; their mighty struggle for the humanity is commendable. A doctor spends his entire life to save the mankind from the deadly diseases without any discrimination. Doctor’s profession is respected by all as it is such an honorable profession. People want their children to become a doctor. It is a dream of every other child to become a passionate doctor, even me!

The profession of doctors require dedication; determination, devotion and passion. It demands time, kindness, and loads of hard work. Doctors are the healers, protectors and the saviors of the humanity. They bring smiles on faces of the people laying on the deathbeds. They are the real happiness distributers.

That said, Covid-19 is a unique virus with unexplored characteristics, creating havoc and taking huge toll of human lives. Doctors and the laboratory technicians are yet to handle this fearless monster. Doctors from all over the world are playing a vital role to save the precious lives of pandemic afflicted people. Doctors and the paramedical staff are the frontline fighters who through their expertise and knowledge, coupled with professional commitment are the ‘Messiahs’ of the ailing humanity.

They are our heroes as by jeopardizing their own lives they are rescuing ours.
The physical and health risks to doctors and paramedical staff are increasing due to lack of proper equipment. Many doctors have lost their lives and are gone way for leaving their beloved ones alone. Day by day, many doctors are falling prey to this deadly virus. Its government’s basic duty to provide them with suitable medical suits and other medical equipment. This is the least way to payback them back for their painstaking efforts.

One lives in hope that public will cooperate with government in taking precautionary measures seriously and government will protect the protectors of humanity by providing them with safety kits as they are our frontline soldiers in this war against virus !


Author is a proud daughter, an average student, voracious reader and an aspiring writer. She likes to take pictures when she is not arguing with her siblings.

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