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Facing the faceless monster with resilience



Facing the faceless monster with resilience
By: Zainab Saif Anwar Jappa

Much depressed? Well, everyone is now a days. We are together in the rise of this evil which has no face. In this global chaos, everyone has that glum look on their faces, misery in hearts and melancholic thoughts in their minds. Lately, COVID-19 has haunted the whole world. This microscopic creature has eaten up thousands of humans increasing the death toll to an alarming number day by day. Today, human beings are facing an immense challenge which has a potential to push them to the verge of nervous breakdown. The survival of human race with all its scientific and technological development stands exposed to a faceless virus. Simply put, its human race versus the insignificant yet life robbing virus.

Reportedly, as per the latest news, as many as eight people have died of Corona while another eleven hundred and eighteen cases have been confirmed with positive tests across Pakistan.
Horrifying! Isn’t it? But, we can stop them right here.Let me tell you how. We belong to such a nation that has survived biggest disasters both natural and manmade such as; wars, floods and earthquakes to name a few. Given, the resilient character of our people, I am confident that we can get through this too. Let me say this this too shall pass!

Let it be clear that that it’s a war against time. We are a strong nation. If any nation has suffered much harder and longer, it is we the people of Pakistan. And, surprisingly, we have always emerged victorious in the end due to resilient character of our nation.

Every time, we have been hit the hardest but we are still full of hope, optimism and patriotism. That is what defines us. That is who we are. A hard and resilient nation. Every one of us is always ready to sacrifice for the country. With the sound of PAK SAR ZAMEEN SHAAD BAAD, the wave of enthusiasm runs through our body.
The current state of affairs though, demand a different approach to fight our silent war against an enemy that has been thrust upon us in the form of a virus. We need a different strategy this time to win this battle which has to be fought at individual level more than collective front. It’s the time to show the world that how civilized we are by staying indoors. This is the way to defeat the deadly virus. And, we will win this war. We will set the record straight once and for all against COVID-19.
Given all the precautionary measures are followed in letter and spirit, we certainly will win this war. One lives in hope that voluntarily self-isolation is preferred over social gatherings till the time Pakistan is declared Crona-free!
Author is a proud daughter, average student, voracious reader and an aspiring writer. She likes to take pictures when she is not arguing with her siblings.

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