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Fashion designer Thierry Mugler dies



Thierry Mugler dies

French designer Thierry Mگلgler, who ruled fashion in the 1980s and died on Sunday, was as famous for his glamorous outfits as he was for his blockbuster fashion shows. He was 73 years old.

Mugler’s bold collections came to illustrate the power dressing of the decade, his clothes were prominent for their textured and exquisite silhouettes, which were shown through his extravagant shows.


“I always thought that fashion alone was not enough and that it should be performed in a musical and theatrical setting,” he once said.

In later years, she dressed up as Beyonc اور and Lady Gaga – and came out of retirement in 2019 to create Kim Kardashian’s Matt Gala.

“We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Mr. Manfred Thierry Muggler on Sunday, January 23, 2022,” said a post on the designer’s official Facebook account.


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