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Pakistan’s Geographical Map in The Shanghai Cooperation Organization



Pakistan’s Geographical Map in The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Written by:  Khalid Baig
New Pakistani Map
Pakistan’s new map marks the Himalayan region as “Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” unlike its former status as “disputed territory,” while showing that Kashmir shares a clear border with China.
On 04 August 2020, the Cabinet of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the new map of Pakistan which gave a new horizon to the freedom movement of Kashmir against the Indian Occupation since 1948. This is a reminder to the world that when Indians illegally entered into Kashmir and Pakistan army along with Kashmiris challenged Indian invasion. The war continued for more than one year, being afraid of the results of the war, India went to UNO begging for a ceasefire. On 20 January 1948, UNO passed a Resolution on the wishes of India known as Resolution No. 39. According to this resolution, not only the world but India herself acknowledged Kashmir as a disputed area and also acknowledged that Kashmiris will be given a chance to decide their fate, whether they want to join Pakistan or India. This Resolution was the basis of the ceasefire between India and Pakistan. This resolution was presented as a great achievement by Indian rulers because they succeeded in stopping the movement of the Pakistan army in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and had successfully freed 1/3 of IHK for Indian invasion forces. According to Indian Defense Analysts, this one-year-long war has destroyed the Morale of the Indian Army. Despite having a shortage of weapons, ammunition, and other resources Pakistan army’s success against India was unstoppable by the Indian army. Indian intelligence agencies have warned Indian rulers that if the war continued and the Indian army kept retreating it will not be possible for India to maintain its control of IHK. The western imperialist world having interests in Indian markets and India’s Supervising country Britain both were of the view that India should contact UNO for a ceasefire. India acknowledged and accepted the UNO Resolution with the bad intention of borrowing time to strengthen her military in IHK. That is why initially India gave statements and wrote letters to Pakistan for implementation of the Resolution but afterward rejected the basic right of Kashmiris to decide their fate.

India started committing atrocities against Kashmiris and tortured them to accept the Indian invasion. On the other hand, India imposed a puppet govt. of families linked with the Indian Congress party. On the other hand, in order to stop Pakistan from supporting Kashmiris and talking about the implementation of Resolution 39, India started conspiracies against Pakistan. Few politicians doing politics in the name of nationalism were taken as facilitators by India, India slaughtered more than 100 thousands innocent Kashmiris in order to maintain her illegal control of Kashmir on gunpoint. Thousands of Kashmiri women were gang-raped by Indian state terrorists as a state policy of crushing the freedom movement. Houses were set on fire or destroyed with dynamite after looting them. Thousands of Kashmiri youngsters were kidnapped and kept in state torture cells till they died and were buried in mass graves. In order to safeguard Indian state terrorists from falling into the category war crimes, India protected them with various black laws. The sacrificing of Kashmiris and stories of Indian state terrorism and tortures cannot be covered by hundreds of books. Pakistan and Pakistanis also have to pay the price. Pakistan and India fought 4 wars. For a decade Pakistanis have to face Indian waged terrorism. More than 70 thousand Pakistanis lost their lives in terrorism by India. India wanted to make Pakistan so much weak that Pakistan did not speak in favor of Kashmiris. India also planned to seclude Pakistan on the international level. In this regard, India purchased weapons from influential Western countries so that they support India against Pakistan. India has left no stone unturned to prove Pakistan a terrorist state.
In Jammu and Kashmir, the abuses range against innocent Kashmiris from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape, and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech.
Then the world saw India face the insult on the boycott of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on 15 September 2020 against Pakistan. The reason for the boycott was the map that was approved by Pakistan. When Dr. Mueed Yousaf, started addressing Virtual Summit, the map of Pakistan was pasted behind him, Ajeet Kumar Doval of India could not tolerate this and walk out of the summit. Even Indian analysts his behavior against the diplomatic values. According, to the Indian analysts Doval misperceived that his walk-out will be accepted by Russia, the summit will be paused and Pakistan will be forced to remove the map and Doval will be requested to join back. The boycott of Doval insulted India internationally. Doval’s Boycott provided Pakistani representative a chance to disclose the Indian atrocities, war crimes, and state terrorism committed in IHK. India has not only illegally captured Kashmir but also turned it into mass prison where neither International Human Rights organizations nor journalists are allowed to enter so that reality of Indian state terrorism could not be unveiled.

Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf in SCO meeting with Pakistan’s new political map as a background for the discussions.
Moreover, the boycott of Doval at the time of speech of the Russian Foreign Minister, creating distance between her only friendly state Russia in the region. It is perceived that Russia accepted the Pakistani stance on IHK and rejected the amalgamation of Kashmir in Indian Union on 05 August 2019. Being worried over the different analysis printed in Newspapers of India, representative of Indian Foreign Ministry Anurag Srivastra called a press conference and tried to clear his position that Doval’s boycott was a reaction against the Pakistani map pasted behind the Dr. Mueed Yousaf as Pakistan’s steps were against the accepted rules of the SCO. In this way, Pakistan brought her stance over IHK to SCO. In this situation, the Indian representative told the media that India boycotts the summit after a discussion with Russia which is a straightforward lie. However, Indian journalists not controlled by the Modi establishment rejected the clearance given by Foreign Ministry and termed Doval’s boycott as Indian Diplomatic defeat from Pakistan.
India’s NSA Ajit Doval left the (SCO) Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting mid-way after Pakistan’s NSA sat before a Map of Pakistan.
This should be kept in mind that this is the same map of Pakistan which was laughed upon by so-called Pakistani liberals. This included the intellectuals linked with the opposition who feel proud by talking against Two Nations Theory. Few journalists from a specific media group made fun by adding other countries into the Paksitani map and this video was made viral on social media. They forgot that the new map was approved by all the political parties of Pakistan. This is the real map of Pakistan which SCO has acknowledged as well rejecting Indian protest…

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