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Poem : Daddy by Aqsa Siddique




In the mesmerizing memory of my charismatic father Malik Siddique who always took care of me who has bewitching charisma of innocence who praised me who engulfed us beneath his shoulders so that rays of higher flame cannot reach us He protected us with his utmost  love. My Daddy deceased us on  8 December 2009 but the plethora of his memories remain the same as He is near to us.

Fathers are precious they are unique no one can compete their love. I have written these verses of poetry about him so i would like to share it with my readers.

In the Moonless night, light full of Thunder
I opened my Eyes, eyes full of Sorrows
Full of fears, full of tears
I felt the trembling lakes flowing inside my Veins
For a moment I felt I was just going to faint
And my heart was beating very fast
I tried to break the spell of cast
And looked towards the sky to find my shining Star
But my Star was fading out of sight!
Alas! There was nothing and the earth was quiet!
Where was the Man who gave me breath and life?
Where was the Man who was always by my sides?
I cried now and called his name
But my voice echoed with the mountains!
I felt the eternal pain of my broken heart
There was no voice and the glades were getting thick and dark!
I was dying and feeling no more!
How could I say Good-Bye to his departed soul!



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