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Understand The Muddy Politics by Waqar Aslam



In Pakistan the mourning intense people share their grievances a day after day this is very unfortunate that the people of Pakistan tried the act of the wriggling that goes on getting stability has just turned in to a dream. We are very lively humans we hail and tend to show exuberance when after an incident temporary peace comes there is vicarious excitement evolving around us .There are many fables and fabricated stories which I told in the election campaigns but no resultantly they are implemented. People get caught in the bewitching claims that the corruption would be eradicated and extirpated fortnightly or overnight but the better reality is that it could not happen and tell someone who is ambitious about this could come without claims and implement his ideology. The person showing chutzpah and by bigotry against corruption does not stand by his statements whenever he comes into power. We are the nation who is always in a snare of impeccant politicians who are friends but they claim their selves very clean competent and the man of vision but actually they are not to the benchmarks and they don’t deserve that they don’t deserve the electorate to get them elected because they don’t have the courage they become inefficient in this matter. The wrath of making different serious claims does not make their credibility lost. It is sad that no cogitation or deal would be granted to Nawaz Sharif , Shehbaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. Annulment of ones political career is based on what he will be taking as his prior stance and what changings he ought to make .As there is exoneration for the poor people because they fell in the net of claims and promises made by callous politicians who just wanted to get their government. After achieving this position they again start shabby actions that effect the poor drastically. The narcissistic behaviour of Imran Khan has engraved Pakistan into more crises. Matters are getting worsened and pathetic many jokes memes circulating which are galvanizing the ambience and taking things to lighter side coincidentally covetous politicians get into trolls. Nawab Amber Shehzada mockingly alternate prime Minister has the prospects  of being an interesting personality he has contested more than 43 elections he is seemingly more interesting  than bacchanalian Sheikh Rasheed who says that there will be no deal or flexibility for NS and Zardari. He says that he wants to become member of public accounts committee but ghastly he has not become the member of PAC so how come it could happen that he will be made chairman of that committee this is very relegating for railway that it’s Minister does not know about the basic concepts of becoming the authoritarian command. History bears an ample testimony to the fact that haplessly, intra-political persecution has been a distinguishing characteristic among the political figures. Leaders have never shown unanimous harmony, at least, not even at regional level. Perfidy characters are annoying in routine politics but their season does not goes away and people like Fawad Chaudhry used to flaunt by making links with influential personnel’s. The rigorous task of doing filthy and muddy politics inculcates the abilities of leaders making them insensitive of the conundrum that people of Pakistan face. The NRO or minor changings in its definition will definitely accentuate turmoil in government. It has become a mindset that the lump sum which was spent on becoming electable would be fetched back by that person after gaining the holistic position in office. Politics tenders it self to be the pond of dirt in which all are  counterparts they try to pose themselves distinguished from the other to ensure uniqueness in the eyes of innocent people. It is been said in reliable sources that after Abdul Aleem Khan will get clearance from NAB he is going to become CM Punjab and this is contingent that the NAB arrest was the part of game and already taken into notice of Senior Minister. The fingers are crossed that justice, hereby, will neither be delayed nor denied but the fact is that justice whenever being done against a powerful force it gets repelled. It is said that there is no heart in the chest of politics it is very ferocious and commander gets himself sidelined whenever he has been completely used by maneuverers but it is ultimate fact that there isn’t any expiry date until he lives because he can be utilized for minor tasks for instance meditating, negotiating or cracking someone’s secrets outspokenly. Government is  aiming to initiate crack down against free speech and its ravages may go far beyond, but who cares, since the wrong doers are backed up by the supreme ruling junta. Saudi crown has come arrangements were equitably done expectancy is very high that enormous package would be given to Pakistan it will be given during five years. It is said that the current government goal is to get finance and get free from financial crisis outburst its utmost target is to ensure that deficit shall not remain poignant but fiscal policy has to be ameliorated for which recovery is necessary. Shehbaz Sharif got bail and received green signals that he has entered safe zone but it is not likely he had been taken out from duress not to play any role but to stay quiet and let the government work and make changes that infer  economy of country to boost.As the priority of bold Imran Khan is to get recovery to boot and settling economy taking it from crucial to stable position. Negotiating on giving back the assets of Pakistan is subtle in these circumstances but the players know different tactics to betray by the back up of their  guarantor but the Captain is determined to fix the economy of Pakistan as soon he can so that his critiques can know that the Man who has the urge to make things better can do either challenges are high or the way is thorny he paves the way.

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